Bristol Link with Beira

Beira Partners

ADEL Sofala

ADEL Sofala are a local charity in Beira, managed by Mozambicans, dedicated to the development of the province of Sofala including the city of Beira. They focus on alleviating hunger and poverty, as well as improving health and education. To achieve these objectives, they work within the community to provide information on development, working in partnership, to raise funds to organise activities that address various global development issues.

To find our more about ADEL Sofala, you can view their website at here.
Please note their website is in Portuguese, however most modern browsers will provide a ‘Translate Page’ prompt when viewing the website.

Bristol Link with Beira have a very strong partnership with  ADEL Sofala and are working together to develop community programmes in Beira.

Beira Municipal Council

Since signing the friendship agreement with Bristol in 1990, council officers and mayors have been in contact, taking part in exchanges and capacity building excercises. Beira Municipal Council post regular updates on their Facebook page which can be found here.