Bristol Link with Beira

Get Involved

There are many ways and many levels that you can get involved with Bristol Link with Beira. You can simply donate or fundraise for projects in Beira; generally, spread the word, or offer your time and develop your skills whilst helping defray the operating costs in Bristol.

More specifically, we are looking for volunteers with Portuguese language skills, or with experience in the international development sector, plus, there are opportunities for academic research and placements for students.

Bristol has been working with schools in Bristol and Beira for many years and we are always looking for teachers and students to reinforce those links as part of school activities

Support us
to create positive outcomes
for Beira.

Assist us with fundraising, programmes and management.


Our volunteers in Bristol are part of four Working Groups dealing with Fundraising, Education and Programmes plus day-to-day Operation of BLB.