Bristol Link with Beira


Bristol International Twinning Association

Beira link is one of seven cities overseas, twinned with Bristol under the umbrella of the Bristol International Twinning Association. Twinning partnerships between cities are able to have a very positive impact on the international life of cities around the world. Twinning is a tried and tested way of linking citizens with their counterparts in other countries.

Bristol SDG Alliance

Bristol Green Capital Partnership encourages the adoption and practical use of the SDGs to guide Bristol’s future sustainable development, the Partnership has joined with a group of similarly-minded stakeholders in the city to form the Bristol SDG Alliance. The Alliance’s objectives are to use the SDGs to: 

  • drive the policy framework for long-term city-region development and resilience;
  • monitor progress and enable the city-region to hold itself to account; and
  • clearly connect community and city-level action to national and global challenges.