Bristol Link with Beira

Our Approach

Vision and Values

Our vision at Bristol Link with Beira is to promote city to city networks and to identify links between ideas and opportunities that bring about sustainable exchange between Bristol and Beira.

Our core values are partnerships, sustainability, equality, participation and accountability.

Our Project Delivery

Our projects focus on Health & Education, Climate Change & Energy, Community and Civil Society, Culture & Sports.

All our projects in Beira are based on needs identified by communities there. We then follow a delivery process as summarised here. Bristol Link with Beira identifies strategic partnerships with organisations to develop into project partnerships to leverage funding in addition to private donations: to link those who have funds with those who need funds. Organisations include NGOs, universities, the private sector, and local authorities both in Bristol and in Beira. This ties in with the capacity of BLB which is run by volunteers. We have a Programme Working Group which includes Trustees and volunteers, who lead projects aligning with their skills and interests, from preparing the project proposal to presenting the final monitoring and evaluation report, aimed at making the projects sustainable.

Evaluation, Monitoring and Learning


Project proposals align with any of our criteria of improving Health & Education, Communities & Civil Society, Climate Action & Energy, Culture & Sport. We include reference to the relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals, targeting 

SDG 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities and 

SDG 17 Partnerships – which are at the core of our work. 

We work with our partners to develop their Monitoring and Evaluation template which will include the baseline data at the start of a project.