Bristol Link with Beira

Climate Change and Energy

Response to Cyclone Idai

Cyclone Idai hit Beira in 2019 when many lives were lost and much of the city of Beira was damaged or destroyed. It will take many years to rebuild Beira and we want to play an active part in this, using our unique position as a long-term twinning link and based on our record of working closely with community based organisations. As an immediate response we provided funding for 2,000 water purification kits which were distributed to those in most need. A few weeks after the cyclone, BLB sent a representative to attend the donor conference and coordinate with our NGO partners in Beira, ADEL Sofala. We launched an appeal which raised over £20k and combined this with funds from Rotary. BLB partnered with Rubicon UK who had provided disaster response at the time of the cyclone. Together with ADEL, they supervised rehabilitation works undertaken by local craftsmen and labourers. Whilst Matacuane Primary School occupied UNICEF tents, the team arranged emergency repairs to the mains services, toilets and installed a water drinking station. The classroom at Amai Mussananhi was completely rehabilitated, with new roof, windows and doors.
BLB is able to respond quickly to emergencies by ringfencing emergency reserves at the end of each financial year, and then replenishing with crowdfunding.

Response to Cyclone Freddy

BLB thanks all those who supported our appeal to raise money to provide backpacks for schoolgirls following the devastating effects of Cyclone Freddy in 2023. The project aimed to provide hygiene and dignity kits as well as school materials in an effort to mitigate the effects of the flooding. A number of items were included in the filled backpacks including notebooks, shoes, sanitary towels and underwear. The successful project, which received great appreciation from the community, was developed by ADS – Acção para Desenvolvimento Social in conjunction with their clubs “Girl for Girl”. 40 full backpacks financed by BLB were distributed to school-age girls in three neighbourhoods of Beira. Climate change is intensifying extreme weather events in Beira, putting schoolgirls at risk of displacement, disrupted education, and increased vulnerability. It’s amazing how something as simple as a backpack can make a big difference in their education and future. BLB is able to respond quickly to emergencies by ringfencing emergency reserves at the end of each financial year, and then replenishing with crowdfunding.

Waste to Energy

BLB and ADEL advised a local start-up who, with UWE, were developing a container-based toilet block to convert human waste into cooking fuel and soil conditioner, for use off-grid in densely populated, low-income areas in sub-Saharan Africa, such as Beira.

Environmental Improvements

ADEL (supported by BLB) ran a series of environmental workshops, planting sessions and clean-ups, with young people and community based organisations, to contribute to citizenship training. Youth group AJOMAC and a local entrepreneur in Beira developed a forestry project and tree nursery. This created a sustainable source of wood and provided work and other resources for local people.