Bristol Link with Beira

Health & Education

ICT at Matacuane Primary School

Staff at Matacuane Primary School highlighted the need for Information and Computer Technology (ICT) equipment and training to increase efficiency in data management and student grading. This will enable them to comply with national requirements for data entry, which currently rests with 3 teachers alone. In this digital age, computer literacy is crucial. This BLB financed project provided additional computer equipment for the school, and a trainer who is running training sessions in small groups to enable staff to use computers proficiently. In addition to compliance with government requirements, this empowers staff to create engaging didactic material using the basic MSOffice software and the Internet. This gives them the knowledge to take advantage of digital techniques to enhance their teaching. We are thrilled to have achieved this project with the support of ADEL Sofala, to equip Beira’s dedicated teachers with essential computer skills! “This latest [ITC] project was a dream on our agenda. Our attitudes have changed. The teachers can now format and upload their own grades [as required by the Ministry of Education] which frees up the Pedagogical Department who had to deal with it previously”. Teresa Muandione, School Director

Pre-School Meals at Amai Mussananhi

BLB have long supported Amai Mussananhi, (Women helping Women) a community organisation, whose pre-school serves orphans and disadvantaged children in an informal neighbourhood. The vulnerability of families has intensified following the cyclone and COVID, exacerbating malnutrition and other health problems. Amai would like to provide nutritious meals for children at the pre-school which will also encourage attendance. Amai’s volunteers are constructing a new kitchen, and in 2023 BLB has purchased catering equipment, and paid for catering training and ingredients to improve pre-school meals. “We thank the BLB partnership for the rehabilitation of the association's house, the preschool food program, the sewing machines and masks. We are grateful that the people who serve us at ADEL SOFALA treat us very well!” Luisa Zenebo, Director of Amai

Sharing Knowledge of Sexual and Reproductive Health

ADS (Associação para o Desenvolvimento Social), financed by the Coles-Medlock Foundation, engaged young women as mentors in women’s health, and establishing girls’ clubs. ADS share knowledge about the dangers of sexual violence and early pregnancy; protection against early pregnancy, reproductive health, sexual and reproductive rights; and also nutrition. Through sessions at girls’ clubs, the knowledge spreads, and women and girls will be empowered to make responsible decisions regarding their sexuality, reproduction, health and nutrition. The ADS director is dedicated to the causes of girls and improving their lives. She is pro-active and motivated towards 'added value' through additional voluntary activities with the girls. “BLB's support has been very important in increasing knowledge about Sexual Reproductive Health and other topics relevant to women and girls, which culminates in behavior change. To BLB our thanks. Cheers BLB, we give you credit for the example of your solidarity.” Bendita Enosse, Director of ADS

Covid 19

BLB provided sewing machines and materials for the community group Amai Mussanhani (Women helping Women) to make facemasks. These were then distributed by ADEL with packs of soap to disadvantaged families in Beira. Amai supports vulnerable women, orphans and vulnerable children. The sewing machines provide long term income generating opportunities for these women, who are now making clothes and household goods.