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Bristol Link With Beira

Bristol Link with Beira is a charity that promotes people-to-people networks between the cities of Bristol and Beira and benefit local communities in the city of Beira making sure no one is left behind.

The work is based on the strong twinning relationship between the two cities since 1990. We support the city in a number of different ways, through programme development, projects and research. For example, we have long-standing schools programmes, cultural exchanges and many local council initiatives.

Our main partner in Beira is the NGO ADEL Sofala, which helps identify, support and deliver programmes through people-to-people networks.

Peninah Achieng-Kindberg

Trustee Chair
Peninah works passionately for justice across all sectors and is keen to ensure that Bristol Link with Beira adds value to communities. As a Chartered Accountant, she is currently Lead Policy Advisor on the Lammy Review for the Ministry of Justice. Peninah has been instrumental in driving community empowerment initiatives within her role in BLB and African Voices Forum. She promotes inclusive leadership through addressing under-presentation and inequalities across various societal facets such as Health and Education whilst also tackling issues of Afriphobia by promoting positive images of the African culture and heritage. Peninah is also a Board member for HealthWatch, sits on the Independent Residents Panel for Avon and Somerset Police, and is a mentor for the Princes Trust. Originally from Kenya, she has been in UK for over 20 years, as a community activist.

Steve Strong

Steve is a founder member of the Southern Africa Resource Centre (SARC) set up at the end of the 1980s, as a practical way to support people in the Southern Africa region following the collapse of the apartheid system in South Africa. One key project was to establish a twinning link between the City of Bristol and the City of Beira known as the Bristol Link with Beira (BLB). Steve has a particular interest in disability issues and we have initiated and supported various projects in Beira with this focus over the last 30 years, and hope to continue these. He spent 3 months working as a volunteer in Beira, mostly with projects for disabled people. Steve was Treasurer of SARC for 30 years.

Dave Spurgeon

Trustee and Secretary
Dave Spurgeon has been involved with SARC and with BLB since their inception including helping to decorate the shop and offices we originally opened in Old Market in 1989! His interest in Southern Africa and Mozambique stems from his involvement in the Anti-Apartheid Movement over a number of decades. He Chaired Bristol AAM and its successor Bristol ACTSA (Action for Southern Africa) and has been a member of the NEC and ACTSA’s Advisory Council. He has been fortunate to have visited Beira and is Secretary of BLB, and leads the Operational Working Group.

Sharon Foster

Sharon is a Directors’ Assistant at Bristol City Council and has been a Magistrate for 12 years. She worked in the public sector for 8 years, and then in local government for over 35 years. She has been involved in the trade union for 35 years and is now an active steward. Sharon enjoys working around the different strands of equality and diversity. She considers this to be challenging, encouraging, and educational to everyone; empowering women and children to build confidence, and to seek greater hope by involving information networks. Sharon gets satisfaction when progress and achievements are made especially around Women, Black & Minority Ethnic issues and is committed to carrying out the role accordingly towards greater equality.

Alix Hughes

Seconded to the Board
Alix is in the International Team at Bristol City Council (BCC), responsible for relationships with 7 twin cities including Beira, after 25 years representing the Twinning Associations. He spent some weeks with UN operations in 1994, visiting polling stations in Northern Mozambique, undertaking voter education and monitoring elections. Alix speaks basic Portuguese, and has visited Beira on several occasions representing BLB and BCC. He has contributed to solidarity, education, health and democracy initiatives with civil society and local authority partners. Alix feels it has been an honour and a pleasure to work alongside Mozambican friends and colleagues since the Peace Accords in 1992, as the country recovers and develops. Alix is a Trustee for Friends of Morazan, part of Bristol Link with Nicaragua (BLINC), and a Trustee of Bristol's Global Goals Centre.

Caroline Pitt

Caroline worked for 10 years in Mozambique, based in Beira, designing social and civic infrastructure for urban populations and for the resettlement of rural refugees. She is very aware of global inequalities, including the effects of climate change, in particular rising sea level and severe weather events, on vulnerable communities. Since her return to the UK in 2001, as an Architect and Urban Development Planner, Caroline has engaged with sustainability issues in the built environment, with an emphasis on the educational sector. She leads the Programme Working Group for Bristol Link with Beira. She is active in West Bristol Climate Action and is a Trustee of Bristol's Global Goals Centre.