Bristol Link with Beira

Beira Partners

Beira Municipal Council

Since signing the friendship agreement with Bristol in 1990, council officers and mayors have been in contact, taking part in exchanges and capacity building excercises. Beira Municipal Council post regular updates on their Facebook page.

ADEL Sofala

ADEL Sofala are a local NGO in Beira, managed by Mozambicans, dedicated to the development of the province of Sofala including the city of Beira. They focus on alleviating hunger and poverty, as well as improving health and education. To achieve these objectives, they work within the community to provide information on development, working in partnership, to raise funds to organise activities that address various global development issues.

Bristol Link with Beira have a very strong partnership with  ADEL Sofala and are working together to develop community programmes in Beira.

Amai Mussanhani

Amai Mussanhani ‘Women helping Women’ is a community-based women’s organisation that offers support to local children many of whom are orphaned as a result of Aids. They provide education, training, employment skills and general support.


Associação De Mulheres Para Promoção do Desenvolvimento Comunitário (Association of Women for the Promotion of Community Development) has over 10 years’ experience in gender issues, climate change, social security, sexual and reproductive health, advocacy and human rights, nutrition, land access, and resource management. AMPDC are currently carrying out a project entitled Women and Girls Promoting Change financed by the Hilden Trust.


Acção para Desenvolvimento Social (Action for Social Development) help vulnerable people in extreme poverty. ADS has worked for many years in basic integrated health services for the prevention and mitigation of HIV, chronic illness, pre- and post-natal women, sexual and reproductive education for girls, and in the promotion of services for vulnerable children. ADS are currently carrying out a project for the Promotion of Sexual & Reproductive Health, financed by Coles-Medlock.


Rotary District 1100

Rotary is one of the world’s largest and most successful global membership and humanitarian service organisations, with 1.2 million members in over 200 countries. Ethical practice is encouraged, and members drawn from all walks of life. District 1100 acts in Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Bristol, Swindon and parts of Monmouthshire, Somerset and Wiltshire. Bristol Rotary has access to finance from Rotary International and has supported a number of BLB projects. 


Action for Southern Africa (ACTSA) is a campaigning organisation that works for rights, equality and development across Southern Africa. This includes supporting BLB projects on a regular basis.

The Guild of Guardians of Bristol

The Guild of Guardians is a charity which aims to enhance the good name of the City of Bristol – its traditions, trade and commerce. The Guild of Guardians aims to improve the quality of the civic life of the City of Bristol and supports and enhances the Mansion House and Office of Lord Mayor. Outside the Mansion House, the Guardians have been responsible for and given their support to a number of local projects including setting up the Beira Room in City Hall.

The Hilden Charitable Fund

The Hilden Charitable Fund is an endowed grant-making foundation and a registered charity. It funds smaller UK-based organisations delivering projects within the UK to support social justice and to tackle disadvantage in specific areas of focus. They provide unrestricted, core and project funding. Hilden has financed the BLB project Women and Girls Promoting Change, carried out in Beira by AMPDC.

Coles-Medlock Foundation

The Coles-Medlock Foundation is a grant making organisation focused on alleviating poverty and hardship by supporting charitable projects across the developing world. Working with UK registered charities and their international partners, we focus on funding sustainable development in education, food provision, infrastructure, healthcare and independent financial progress. Coles-Medlock have financed the BLB project Promotion of Sexual & Reproductive Health, carried out in Beira by ADS.


Bristol City Council

Bristol City Council supports BLB as part of its twinning programme, and the International Team provides support through the Bristol International Twinning Association, and guidelines in the form of the Bristol City International Strategy.

Bristol Commonwealth Society

The Bristol Commonwealth Society is part of an influential and global organisation which aims to: 

  • Raise awareness of the Commonwealth’s 52 nations, their people, their cultures and their histories.
  • Support young people who want to experience what the Commonwealth has to offer and contribute to its future.
  • Promote trade and industry by encouraging Bristol businesses to develop links and partnerships with member countries.

Royal Town Planning Institute

RTPI South West International Group work with the RTPI International Committee to address an understanding of planning’s role in tackling some of the biggest global challenges such as urbanisation in the developing world; climate change; sustainable development. They look to highlight opportunities for planning practice overseas – through multi-laterals ; bi-laterals; charities and not-for profit organisations; and the private sector. The group hope to enable a two way flow of knowledge and promote best practice internationally from the South West, and provide a two way link with RTPI International students studying planning in the South West. 


Bristol International Twinning Association

Beira (Mozambique) is one of seven cities overseas, twinned with Bristol under the umbrella of the Bristol International Twinning Association. Bordeaux (France), Hannover (Germany), Oporto (Portugal), Puerto Morazan (Nicaragua), Tbilisi (Georgia) and Zuangzhou (China) are the other cities. Twinning partnerships between cities are able to have a very positive impact on the international life of cities around the world. Twinning is a tried and tested way of linking citizens with their counterparts in other countries.

Bristol SDG Alliance

Bristol Green Capital Partnership encourages the adoption and practical use of the SDGs to guide Bristol’s future sustainable development, the Partnership has joined with a group of similarly-minded stakeholders in the city to form the Bristol SDG Alliance. The Alliance’s objectives are to use the SDGs to: 

  • drive the policy framework for long-term city-region development and resilience;
  • monitor progress and enable the city-region to hold itself to account; and
  • clearly connect community and city-level action to national and global challenges.


The South West International Development Network (SWIDN) supports and connects NGOs, civil society, think tanks, academics, consultants and private sector organisations to work more efficiently and collaboratively towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Voscur is the support and development agency for Bristol’s voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector. Voscur’s vision is to improve the quality of life for the people of Bristol. Voscur’s mission is to support, develop and represent Bristol’s voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector.

National Council for Voluntary Organisations

National Council for Voluntary Organisations brings members together to find solutions to common problems, and

  • provide practical support on the things that organisations rely on, such as funding, staff and HR, recruiting and managing volunteers, leadership and management
  • harness our sector’s collective power; pushing for the best possible environment for charities and volunteering to thrive
  • create spaces to explore, discuss and change the complex challenges we face.