Bristol Link with Beira

Appeal For Funds


BLB has been involved in projects in Beira for many years, and aims to continue mainstream project support in the fields of:

  • Education and Health
  • Community and Civil Society
  • Climate Change and Energy
  • Culture and Sport
BLB is targeting SDG 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities and SDG 17 Partnerships for the Goals.


Bristol Link with Beira has a GoFundMe page to build up an emergency reserve fund to respond quickly to any urgent disasterous situation in Beira. This GoFundMe page can also be used for individual and recurring donations, which benefit from Gift Aid. Any surplus to our reserve funds goes to needs identified by communities in Beira, via ADEL Sofala.  


BLB thanks all those who have contributed financially over the last few years, via GoFundMe and our annual calendar. This  allowed us to respond to a request from Matacuane Primary School.

Staff highlighted the need for ICT equipment and training, to increase efficiency in data management and student grading. 

BLB provided ICT equipment, and a trainer. The course gave staff the knowledge to take advantage of digital techniques to enhance their teaching. They can now comply with national requirements for data entry, which previously depended on 3 teachers. Staff can create engaging didactic material using Office software and the Internet. 

We are thrilled to have achieved this project with the support of ADEL Sofala, to equip Beira’s dedicated teachers with essential computer skills!