Bristol Link with Beira

Culture & Sport

Ballet Studio

The programme “Social Protection through the Arts” supports vulnerable young people through participation in the performing arts. In the safe space of the Casa de Cultura, the dance teacher provides performing arts training, organises cultural events, and hosts discussions on relationships and sexual health. This provides the young people with greatly needed formal and informal support. They form new friendships and can envisage a different vision for the future. Participants meet people who have already benefited from this programme, stabilized their lives and developed personally – and some professionally - through the arts.

St. Georges' Festival of Voice

ADEL Sofala in Beira have submitted videos for Bristol’s Festival of Voice, along with submissions from Bristol’s other twin cities. St George’s recognise the importance of singing in making global connections. In 2022, a women's group made an appeal to stop child marriage and plead for an end to polygamy.
IN 2023, AJOMAC (the Youth Association of Macuti) used the performance as an introduction to a discussion about the relationship between traditional and modern medicine. In 2024, teachers at Escola Primária de Palmo e Meio sang the Casa de Cultura Anthem.

Musicians & Storytellers

A Mozambican storyteller, has been a regular visitor to Bristol, working with schools, choirs and other groups telling stories and teaching songs.
Song and dance group Djaaka from Beira. played a fantastic set at Bristol's Harbour Festival, facilitated by BLB. Djaaka have gone from strength to strength, winning the 2023 Ngoma Mozambique.

Football Coaching

Coaching for Hope and other agencies ran a football project in Beira, training local coaches, youth workers and teachers in HIV/AIDS prevention.